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Accept Payments in a Snap*

Back office payments have never been easier!


Use the Snap* VT Lite Terminal anywhere you have access to the internet to instantly process one-time orders, set up recurring billing, and send click-and-pay invoices. Hit up the Free Demo to take a test drive around, or sign-up for a Snap* Merchant Account and get a 60-day free trial for yourself. Standard Snap* Hosted Pay processing fees apply.

Free Demo

Three Simple Ways to Collect

With VT Lite, it’s a Snap* to begin processing payments online.


One-Time Orders

Instantly and securely process credit card and electronic check transactions for phone, fax and mail orders.


Recurring Payments

Easily set up recurring payments that repeat on a regular schedule that you set. Bill weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.


Click-and-Pay Invoices

Create click-and-pay invoices by generating a secure, encrypted payment link to add to any email or payment invoice.

Want the Lowdown on VT Lite?

Download the Data Sheet

Snap* Merchant Management Center

Free With Virtual Terminal Lite.

Stay Connected to Your Business

The Snap* Merchant Management Center is a secure online management tool that allows merchants to track sales, manage orders and subscriptions, process returns and voids, activate risk/fraud filters, and more.

With the Merchant Management Center you can: Track your business more efficiently with centralized access to the information that matters. Manage your business 24×7 with easy-to-use, flexible account and transaction management tools. Protect your business against fraud and guard your customers’ confidential information. All free with your merchant account.

Available from any web-connected device – your business is always at your fingertips with the Snap* Merchant Management Center.