Darren Adelgren

SVP Channel Software - Global

Wishes He Could: Fish all day, every day.

Bob Stone

Senior Development Manager

Wishes He Could: Bike to work 4-5 times a day

Bryant Finley

QA EMV Engineer

Favorite Things: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and legos

Todd Youngblood

ISV Sales Business Development Executive

Wants to go to: Munich, Germany
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Mark "Mellow" Malinowski

Manager, Technical Services - Global

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Scott LaBrash

Senior Director of Delivery

Favorite Things: Lake Time, Hockey, Golf
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Jaime Brown

US Technical Services

Favorite Things: Large bodies of water.
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Sam Dongeso

QA EMV Engineer

Wants to go to: Ireland and Netherlands

Michelle Deem

QA Product Engineer

Loves: Her family, animals, and reading

Matt Christy

Solutions Engineer

Loves: The Outdoors, Sports, and video games

Kevin Winn

Android Engineer

Loves: backpacking, his dog, and gaming

Matt Johnson

iOS Developer

Loves: Broncos!

Cullen McDevitt

Windows Engineer

Wishes He Could: time travel

Anthony Chiesi

Software Engineer

Favorite Things: poker, pets, games, and puzzles

Dustin Dowell

Senior Engineer, Development Operations

Favorite Things: Powder days on the ski slopes!

Kyle Jones

QA Platform Engineer

Loves: Thai food, Hockey, and Music

Bonnie Chokr

Enterprise Architect

Lives in: Beruit, Lebanon

Georgette Marquez

Office Manager

Loves: tequila, dogs, and watermelon

Jeannine Goren

Senior Software Dev Platform

Loves: Polydactyl cats named Cecil and camping in her VW bus

Andrew Odlum

Business Analyst

Wants to go to: Japan

Marc Grover

Lead Developer, Release Pipeline

Loves: Family, food, travel, & photography

Alan Zuckerman

Senior Director, Quality Assurance

Favorite Things: Strategy games, coffee, food

James Moessner

Senior Database Administrator

Favorite Drink: Long Island Iced-Tea

Chelsea Lowry

Business Analyst

Favorite Things: office snacks

Maggie Lowrey

Supervisor Business Owner

Loves: Friends, Working out, and traveling

Adam Patton

Senior Manager, Snap Development Operations

Loves: Snowboarding, computers, beer

Greg Korthuis

Engineer Platform

Doesn’t Like: Hobos, Clowns, and Hobo Clowns

Steve Sander

Networking Manager

Favorite Things: Swing Jazz and Avery Beer

Kenny Partin

Engineer Platform

Nobody Knows: He used to break dance

Brian Vogel

Director, Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure - Global

Favorite Drink: Gin Gimlet

David Johnson

Senior Systems Administration & Infrastructure

Loves: Broncos!

Peter Farrell

IT System Support

Loves: open source programs, sci-fi, and mass effect

Rebecca Sellers

Technical Writer

Wishes She Could: Scuba dive on every continent

Shawn Boles

Solutions Engineer

Wishes He Could: Go into space

Christa Ferguson

Analyst Platform

Doesn’t Like: Mean people. Dresses. Humidity.

Yvonne Slifka

Senior Director, Processing Operations

Nobody knows: She was born in Africa

Russell Fisher

Web Developer

Loves: tinkering and fixing things

Rebecca Clark

Senior Engineer Platform

Loves: curling, movies, adventures

Sam Hall

eCommerce Sales Business Development

Wishes He Could: Learn another language

Ilia Danilov

QA Product Engineer

Nobody Knows: back in Russia, I helped street cats to find new homes and owners

Nibha Pruthi

EMV QA Engineer

Wants to go to: Norway and see the Northern Lights

Tayven Bigelow

Lead Engineer, Technical

Loves: cooking, music, and the rain

Lisa Lawhorn

Director, ISV Technical Integrations

Loves: her family and being a grandma

David Mathis

Engineer Platform

Favorite Things: comedy and technology

Corey Westcott

Engineer Platform

Loves: videogames

Tim Campbell

ISV Sales Business Development

Favorite Things: hockey, bourbon, cooking

Tim Walsh

Vice President, Third Party Integrations

Debra Kruse

Solutions Engineer

Gareth King

EU Supervisor Solutions Engineer

Wishes He Could: Play professional soccer for Manchester United

Candace Carlisle

Director, Corporate Branding and Communications

Wishes She Could: cure cancer, rescue all animals, and end hunger

Kayla Oswald

Senior Associate, Brand & Reputation Management

Loves: her babies and Disney World

Jenny Scrivens

Manager, Digital Community

Favorite Things: brunch and a perfectly ripe avocado

Kaylah Malillos

Developer, Web & Digital Communications Production

Loves: the mountains, the beach, and traveling

Nicole Hall

Solutions Engineer, National Accounts

Wishes She Could: predict the future

Harlan Mott

Software Development Manager

Loves: hot showers in winter, soft sand in summer

Fernando Valles

EU Solutions Engineer

Eoin O'Leary

EU Technical Services