Hosted Payments

Streamline payments and reduce the burden of PCI compliance with EVO Snap* Hosted Payments. Snap* offers the fastest way to securely accept payments within a shopping cart, donations website, or online billing application.

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Four Secure Ways to Pay

With Snap* Hosted Payments in place, realizing secure payments is easier than ever – with four simple ways to implement, it’s a Snap* to start accepting payments today.


When it’s time to pay, users are directed from your online store to a secure payment page, hosted by EVO Snap*. You’ll customize the page to look like your website, but we’ll handle the sensitive data required to process a payment – dramatically reducing your PCI scope of responsibilities and risk. When payment is complete, we’ll send users back to your site.


Embed a secure payment form directly into your existing website to collect online donations or payments.


Securely accept payments or sell items directly from online community and social sites.


Create click-and-pay invoices by adding a secure, encrypted payment link to any email or payment invoice.

Create Your Own Hosted Checkout Process in a Snap

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Leverage our web-based payment and order storage platform to quickly and easily integrate payment processing with an existing web site or ecommerce application.

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Perfect for merchants who want to streamline online payments and reduce PCI compliance burden, Snap* Hosted Payments offers the fastest way to securely accept payment within your shopping cart, donations website, or online billing application.

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Get the Service Matrix

View the Hosted Payment service matrix for details outlining supported services, including Transaction Types, Value Added Services, Communication Methods and Network Schemes across supported Snap* platforms.

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